Celebrating and Partnering with Growing Churches in Poland

AUTHOR: Dave Horne, Europe Area Director | CATEGORY: #AdvancingChurch, #NationsTransformed | POSTED Jul 31, 2017

Wesleyan churches in Poland are using things like FacebookLive and auto repair to meet their neighbors. They’re following Jesus into their neighborhoods—virtually and literally—to introduce themselves and help with real life problems like car trouble and interpersonal conflict. In Kalisz, Pastor Przemysław Bogdan uses Facebook Live to show people in the city what the church […]

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A Faith Journey Leads to New Ministries

AUTHOR: Katherine Yeager, Global Partners summer intern | CATEGORY: #MissionariesMobilized | POSTED Jul 29, 2017

The names in this article have been changed due to security. James and Sara have learned that the joy of serving is brought not by the place or circumstances of service but by obeying God’s call in whatever task that was given to them. James Stewart likens his faith journey to a baseball diamond. Each […]

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Pray Not for Crutches but for Wings

AUTHOR: A Global Partners missionary couple* living among the Fotizo people in the Turkic/Muslim area | CATEGORY: #NationsTransformed, #TransformingLives | POSTED Jun 30, 2017

Since first arriving in Central Asia over 10 years ago, we have continued to pray that God would raise up more workers for this harvest field. Not just for the sake of more workers but because the job is so massive. Ultimately, our ministry is about seeing the impossible happen. In years gone by, missionaries […]

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