Pray Not for Crutches but for Wings

AUTHOR: A Global Partners missionary couple* living among the Fotizo people in the Turkic/Muslim area | CATEGORY: #NationsTransformed, #TransformingLives | POSTED Jun 30, 2017

Since first arriving in Central Asia over 10 years ago, we have continued to pray that God would raise up more workers for this harvest field. Not just for the sake of more workers but because the job is so massive. Ultimately, our ministry is about seeing the impossible happen. In years gone by, missionaries […]

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Lives Transformed Result in Churches Planted

AUTHOR: Fred Cromer, missionary to Uganda | CATEGORY: #ChurchesReproduced, #TransformingLives | POSTED May 28, 2017

Stephen and Ruth Ziraba had a difficult marriage relationship. Ruth had problems with demons. She came from a family that was demonized. She was chosen to be the next witch doctor in her family. She was so tormented that she took a chance and went to a pastor for help. He prayed with her. She […]

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Hospitality and Healing

AUTHOR: A Global Partners Missionary* in India | CATEGORY: #TransformingLives | POSTED Mar 29, 2017

It was a busy afternoon at our house—three families were visiting from another town. The afternoon cooking had just been finished. All the kids were outside playing. All the adults sat down to visit before having lunch. This is when we heard a call from outside for “Auntie.” It was Aarav,* a believer from our […]

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