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A Guided Journey to Amplifying your Church's Mission

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Jesus has given us a mission to Go make disciples of all nations.
- Matthew 28:19

Have you clarified your church’s unique global contribution? We can help you take the mission beyond where you could on your own.

Three Strategies

Global Partners has three primary strategies for amplifying local church mission for global transformation.

Rseource, Coach, Partner


  • We want to make a difference in the world.
  • We are trying to navigate the maze of global mission options.
  • We wish our global strategy was more focused.
  • We need a better way to measure our effectiveness.

Let us partner with you to develop a meaningful strategy to maximize the return on your investment of time and resources.



We will help you develop global partnerships that are sustainable, strategic, and right-sized for your church.

We will help you discover your unique gifts and connect them to the places in the world where they can be best used.

Coaching Journey


A brief church survey to get started


A one-day, onsite coaching event with your global outreach team


A monthly check-in meeting to complete the implementation of your global strategy


Step 1: Look Up - Mission

It all begins with Missio Dei—the mission of God. Looking up to receive the clear mission, to go and make disciples of all nations is the first step to effective global engagement. In this step, we will facilitate your discovery of how your unique expression of your local mission influences your engagement in global mission.

Look In

Step 2: Look In - Capacity

You may be surprised to discover the vast resources that are already present in your church. We will help you identify your spiritual gifts and lead you in strategic dialog about how those gifts can best be used for global transformation.

Look Out

Step 3: Look Out - Opportunities

After completing the first two steps (Look Up and Look In), you are prepared to discuss specific places, projects, and people that will be central to your partnership. The goal of this phase is to narrow and rank order your options.

Move Forward

Step 4: Move Forward - Activation

After completing the foundational planning, you have positioned your church to increase your effectiveness. Now, it’s time to move forward with an implementation strategy. Global Partners will provide you with multiple helpful resources to make your partnership experience life-changing for your church.

Look Back

Step 5: Look Back - Evaluation

An essential part of a successful process is periodic review of your overall mission strategy and your specific mission partnerships. We will provide some helpful evaluation tools. In addition, your feedback will help impact our ongoing field strategy. The process is cyclical—Step 5 leads back to Step 1.

Look Up

Outcomes of Engagement

  • A Clear Strategy

    Everyone will be able to clearly articulate your strategy. This will help you cut through the “missions clutter.” You will have a grid for determining what to say “yes” to and more importantly what to say “no” to.

  • Increased Missional Capacity

    Your church has a missional muscle. It’s a combination of your people’s gifts, generosity, and focus. This process will strengthen your missional muscle enabling you to more effectively amplify the mission locally and globally.

  • Radical Reciprocity

    God has uniquely gifted your church and he has uniquely gifted churches around the globe. As you invest in global partnerships, they will also invest in you.

  • Quantifiable Measurability

    Activity does not equal accomplishment. We all want to know if we’re making a difference. We will help you develop meaningful measures, so you know whether or not your strategy is effective.

Global Partners is deeply committed to your success in fulfilling your church's God-given mission.

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Work with a coach to discover God's vision and purpose for your life and design a plan of action for to fulfill that purpose.

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