Global Update 2016

Dear Partners in Mission,

Thank you for your generous investment in seeing lives, communities—even nations—transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.

Global mission work is not a calling reserved for the elite special forces of the Church; it is a holy adventure on which every local church and every Christ-follower is invited. This means that you—our partners—set the tone. You have sent your family, friends, and church members as missionaries. You have given financially to resource the mission. You have devoted yourselves to extraordinary prayer.

In this 2016 Global Update, we hope you will catch a glimpse of the fruit of your investment. As we amplify local church mission for global transformation, we look for quantitative and qualitative outcomes in seven areas:

  1. Missionaries Mobilized
  2. Partnerships Engaged
  3. Generosity Inspired
  4. Followers Multiplied
  5. Leaders Developed
  6. Churches⁵ Reproduced
  7. Nations Transformed

Our aim in sharing these stats and stories with you is to express our overwhelming gratitude—to the Lord of the harvest, who continues to do abundantly more than we ask or expect—and to you, our partners, who never cease to inspire us with your generosity.

In H+S Service,

Dr. Dennis Jackson
Executive Director


Missionaries Mobilized

We celebrate stories of joy-filled, fully surrendered living—stories of giving our lives away for the global mission, just as Christ gave his life for the world.

Total Missionaries






Here’s how a few of our new missionaries answered this question...

Missionaries to East Asia*

It felt like we were at a turning point. We could give ourselves entirely to Christ and his calling for our lives or we could hold a part of our life from him and slowly sink into complacency and stagnancy. In choosing Christ, we gave him the reins to lead us wherever he chose, and we found ourselves led to global missions, to share the love and message of Christ with those who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.

*names omitted for security

Missionary to the Eliya people in Europe*

After years of carrying the weight of guilt and shame, I found healing I never imagined, grace I didn’t deserve, and a love that overwhelmed me when I came to understand the truth of who God really is and who he says I am. I want to share the freedom and forgiveness of God with people who need to see who God is but haven’t had the opportunity as of yet.

*names omitted for security

Keith and Saundra Nash, missionaries to Nepal

We both believe that cross-cultural ministry is really an extension of the ministry we’ve had all our lives. The i nvitation to come to Nepal came at just the right time for us. God was leading our pastoral ministry at the Mitchell Wesleyan Church to come to an end this past summer—right when we were needed in Nepal. We trust God for the results.


Partnerships Engaged

We look for partnerships that are both relational and strategic. Relational means regular, ongoing contact. Strategic means a long-term investment with a clear aim in mind.

North American Wesleyan churches engaged with Global Partners

Churches Coached



Let us help you take the mission further than you could on your own. Connect with a coach:


By Ben Ward, Asia Area Director

In 1990 there were four known believers in Mongolia. The capital city, Ulaanbaatar, where nearly half the population resides, is the coldest capital city in the world. To stay warm, many burn coal fires in their gers (traditional round nomadic tents), contributing to wide-spread pollution. Unemployment and underemployment is high. The language and culture are hard to learn. The barriers to engagement seemed to dwarf the opportunities.

Enter All Shores Wesleyan Church, a local church in Spring Lake, Michigan, 6,101 miles (straight line distance airline route) away from Ulaanbaatar. They were not afraid of the hard place. Over the years they have sent teams, funded projects, and supported missionaries. They have partnered with national believers, engaging in all sorts of projects—from launching new churches to renovating an apartment for future missionaries.

A recent team from All Shores arrived in September 2016, ready to develop an ordination track so we have a systemized approach to training effective leaders. One member of the team, a business systems analyst, committed to walking alongside leaders in the church to strengthen an economic empowerment program. Today, because of their investment, the Mongolian Wesleyan Church is taking new strides to see churches planted and lives transformed across the country.

May we never underestimate how God can use a local church to make a global difference through the power of relational partnerships.


Generosity Inspired

Regardless of where your mailing address says you live, we all joyfully leverage all our resources for the sake of the mission.

Total Contributions


Dollars Given

Financial Partners

Top 5 Churches

Based on Fiscal Year 2016: September 1, 2015-August 31, 2016.

Total Giving

  1. All Shores Wesleyan Church (Spring Lake, MI)
  2. Skyline Wesleyan Church (La Mesa, CA)
  3. Faith Wesleyan Church (Terre Haute, IN)
  4. Lawrence Wesleyan Church (Lawrence, KS)
  5. Central Wesleyan Church (Holland, MI)

Giving Per Capita

  1. Faith Wesleyan Church (Terre Haute, IN)
  2. Penfield Wesleyan Church (Penfield, NY)
  3. Southdowns Wesleyan Church (Kokomo, IN)
    $ 376
  4. Sunshine Valley Wesleyan Church (Windsor, NY)
  5. Cedar Ridge Wesleyan Church (Enid, OK)


By Richard Schenck, GO-Net missionary to Bangladesh

In 2013 the Ministry Training Institute for The Wesleyan Church of Bangladesh held its first class. Due to the fast growing nature of the church, Joshe,* the Bangladeshi church’s national leader, dreamed of creating a pastoral education pathway to train leaders.

Dr. Aron Willis, former District Superintendent of the Indiana North District, sensed a burden and vision to provide funding for this fledgling institute. As a result of casting his vision to the District Board of Administration in 2015, the Indiana North District decided to generously provide $56,000 for the ministerial education of pastors in Bangladesh.

Since Dr. Willis’ retirement, he has joined the Global Partners Bangladesh team to steward these generous funds and to facilitate the implementation of a strategy for recruiting and training indigenous professors. This new partnership of training leaders for ministry is the lifeblood for mobilizing and amplifying local church mission for global transformation.

*last name omitted for security


Followers Multiplied

As a result of partnering with Global Partners, your church will play a key role in more stories—stories of personal transformation and stories of the transformed being gathered into newly planted church communities.


By a Global Partners missionary* with our immigrant ministry to Muslims in Europe

It was a warm, sunny afternoon in August, and I stepped gently into the cool water of the river.

Just two years prior, I met a new believer by the name of Rachel* at a fellowship of Muslim-background believers that meets in our city. She is a Muslim-background believer from Bulgaria. Rachel is an absolute fireball. If she has something on her mind, she says it. If she has an opinion, she’ll let you know about it. She’s a passionate individual who sees injustice easily.

In spite of my excitement about Rachel’s new faith, I was also concerned about her abrasiveness. Through the ministry of this fellowship, however, she began to grow in her faith, and we were privileged to help disciple her.

After Rachel expressed a desire to be baptized, we began baptism lessons with her. When another local believer asked Rachel why she wanted to be baptized, her response was so simple, yet it cut through her sometimes abrasive exterior. She said, “Jesus.”

On that sunny August afternoon, surrounded by 11 of her closest friends, Rachel took a step of faith and made a public declaration of her love for Jesus by being baptized.

As a result of partnering with Global Partners, your church will play a key role in more stories—stories of personal transformation and stories of the transformed being gathered into newly planted church communities.

*Names omitted or changed for security reasons.


Leaders Developed

As the gospel takes root in an area, we are eager to turn over responsibility and authority to well-equipped national leaders. We are continually working ourselves out of a job.

Ordained Pastors


Amplified Leaders is an initiative to develop Wesleyan traines and pastors to close the global leadership gap.


By Bill Peed, Global Leadership Catalyst Director

The Wesleyan Church in Papua New Guinea, one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, comes from over ten tribes and has almost 15,000 members who worship in 299 churches and preaching points. More than 400 ministry personnel, 126 of whom are ordained, provide spiritual leadership. How do you encourage unity among such diversity? One way is to develop qualified leaders through the Amplified Leaders Initiative.

Rev. Roy Mung graduated from the Wesleyan Bible College at Mt. Hagen. As a student from a minority group, he developed strong unifying relationships with students from other tribes. His character and leadership skills became increasingly apparent. Today, he serves as the national superintendent.

One practice that Rev. Mung initiated requires national conference delegates to sit together and not segregate themselves by tribe. He saw the importance of unity in diversity. This decision has helped the Church see a better way of relating to their brothers and sisters in Christ. The ability to sense a real need and face it in a way that is contextually effective and immeasurably practical is helping to advance God’s kingdom in the South Pacific.

The Amplified Leaders Initiative is working towards raising up 1,000 more ordained international leaders like Rev. Mung who will serve the global Church.


Churches Reproduced

Stated, “Churches to the fifth power reproduced.” Global Partners’ missiology seeks to move each field through five phases—the fifth and final phase being “Multiplying Movements.” A CHURCH⁵ is not only “grown up” enough to be self-supporting, but it is also parenting new works by planting churches and sending missionaries.

Number of Churches


New Churches Planted this Year



By Rick West, Jarvis Ferguson, and Kerry Kind

On June 7, 2016, the General Conference of the North American Wesleyan Church approved the creation of the Ibero-America Established Regional Conference of The Wesleyan Church, along with the proposed 20-page charter. When it was time for this historic vote, the conference responded with a loud unanimous affirming spontaneous applause.

Once approved by the International Conference of The Wesleyan Church in 2019, the Ibero-America Established Regional Conference is set to include 17 Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries in the Americas, plus Equatorial Guinea (Africa) and Spain (Europe).

In 1903 the first Wesleyan missionaries to Ibero-America arrived in Peru. Many more would follow. Today, because of their sacrifice, the new regional conference will consist of 300 churches, nearly 300 ordained and licensed ministers, 1,000 lay ministers, 30,000 members and attendees, 17 Bible schools, and 500 people being trained for ministry. This region is poised to become a greater force in reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the last 20 years, the churches of Ibero-America have led the expansion from six to twenty countries, partly through the mission movement known as JIBACAM. JIBACAM is a Spanish acronym that stands for the Ibero-American and Caribbean Mission Board. Yesterday’s mission fields are truly today’s missionary force.

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Nations Transformed

We are convinced that the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to transform lives, families, communities, and entire nations. Historians tell us that the Wesleyan revival transformed 18th century England, saving it from the bloody revolution France experienced. We believe God can use us in our day to see nations made new.


By Heather Jedrzejczyk, missionary to Albania

“I am ready to go deeper, but I am not sure if I am capable of starting a new group,” said 19-year-old Vali. A couple of weeks later, six Albanian young adults, including Vali, met for our first Albanian initiated small group. Each one is desiring depth and community.

Years and years of prayers are being answered, and the Global Partners’ missionary team in Albania is witnessing the start of a breakthrough in the Wesleyan church in Durres. It’s beautiful to watch! Every week these young adults gather and take turns choosing a passage, creating discussion questions, and leading the group. The group wrestles with tough topics such as: “Why does God allow evil?” and “Does God hear all my prayers?”

Twenty-five years ago, God was far from the minds of most Albanians—the communist government at the time made sure of that. Today, a new generation is responding to the gospel. They desire personal transformation and are seeking change in their communities and families. In Albania we are witnessing the start of a nation transformed.

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS!” – ROMANS 10:14-15


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