Worth the Wait

AUTHOR: Tim Gallant, missionary to Cambodia | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedLeaders | POSTED Nov 01, 2018

Traditional North American methods of learning do not work well with Cambodians because they come from an oral society. By creating an oral pathway of training, Khmer leaders will be better equipped to minister and lead the church and believers. I was recently asked about the progress of the education program that we have been […]

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JESUS Film Partnership: Update as of August 2018

AUTHOR: John Croft, Director of the JESUS Film Partnership | CATEGORY: #AdvancingChurch, #TransformingLives | POSTED Oct 05, 2018

Over the past two years, an increasing number of our international fields with JESUS film teams have become self-supporting ministries. They are no longer supported financially by the JESUS Film Partnership. This is an encouraging trend from a missional perspective. It is always our hope that those we serve will become self-sufficient and eventually become […]

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The JESUS Film Brings the Light of Hope

AUTHOR: The Bangladesh Wesleyan Church National Leader* | CATEGORY: #AdvancingChurch, #TransformingLives | POSTED Oct 04, 2018

In 2012 The Wesleyan Church was officially established in Bangladesh with the goal to spread the good news of salvation among nonbelievers. The national church initially started with 11 churches and has currently grown to 50 churches with about 95% of its church members coming from new communities. This amazing growth became possible due to […]

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