AUTHOR: Matt Aukerman, missionary to Albania | CATEGORY: #AdvancingChurch | POSTED Jan 24, 2019

The adjacent villages of Xhafzotaj and Rrashbull have always been just a short bus ride from Durres; they just haven’t always been on our radar. But when a man from Xhafzotaj visited our weekly worship time, we made a new friend from that small town. Then a family, who we are close to and whose […]

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Kalembo Named Asbury Seminary Distinguished Alumnus

AUTHOR: Sheila Lovell | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedLeaders | POSTED Dec 21, 2018

Asbury Theological Seminary offers congratulations to Alfred Kalembo, recently chosen as the Seminary’s Distinguished Alumnus 2018.   Kalembo, 57, was born in a remote village in Zambia to parents who were never able to attend school. He walked four miles, barefoot, to school each day. Until age 15, he didn’t own a pair of shoes. […]

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Prayer Matters

AUTHOR: a Global Partners missionary* living among the Nune people in the Turkic-Arabic Area | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedPrayer | POSTED Dec 19, 2018

Praying in slow response areas is something akin to paying into retirement in your 20s. It may look and feel unimportant at the time—after all, there is no obvious benefit . . . for the moment. We must be convinced that our monthly payments are not disappearing into thin air. With prayer there is no […]

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