Dr. Dennis Jackson

Executive Director

Dear Global Partners Family,

​I continue to be captured by the reality that globally 4 in 10 live without access to the gospel. This means that more than 3 billion people do not have a witness to the transforming power of Jesus Christ within their community.

The task set before us is so great. We must all play a part.

In the first century, the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Rome:

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”
– Romans 10:14-15

You have faithfully sent missionaries through your prayers and your giving. You have blessed and sent out some of the best leaders in your churches. And God is using what you have surrendered to him to reach the world.

I pray that you are encouraged as you read these stories of how God has used your partnership to reach the 4 in 10.

In H+S Service,

  Missionaries Mobilized

We celebrate stories of joy-filled, fully surrendered living—stories of giving our lives away for the global mission, just as Christ gave his life for the world.


By *J, Global Partners missionary

*J and I had both been sensing the Lord’s leading on our lives to go into missionary work since we were in high school. When we heard the NEXT program was launching in the summer of 2019, the Lord opened up the opportunity for us to go. It was such an incredible experience. We loved getting to see what it would be like to work with a team, live cross culturally and share the gospel with those around us in such a tangible way all while having a safe space to grow and be mentored under the guidance of those who have been missionaries for quite a while. Through NEXT, the Lord confirmed the calling to missionary work in our lives and directed our hearts to participate in Muslim ministries. This summer we were able to move to the Fotizo field as long-term missionaries. We are so grateful for the role NEXT played in our journey here, and we are excited to be able to pour into other NEXT interns as they come to Fotizo to explore God’s calling in their lives!

Partnerships Engaged

We look for partnerships that are both relational and strategic. Relational means regular, ongoing contact. Strategic means a long-term investment with a clear aim in mind.


By Bryn Beyer

In February, the world was shaken by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With millions of internally displaced people and refugees fleeing across borders, God led missionaries and local church leaders in Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria in their response. With your help of prayer and financial giving, Wesleyans continue to provide hands-on relief, support and ongoing care. Our church in Krakow, Poland is having a sustained and powerful impact. Early in their response, the church began — and continues — to host regular gathering times with food, Polish language classes and fellowship.




By Bob and Marcia Vermaire

When we left Haiti last year due to the instability and violence in the country, we started on a journey that was full of uncertainty. As conditions in Haiti did not improve, “What next?” was a common question. The Global Partners Africa team asked if we would consider a few months serving the Kamakwie Hospital in Sierra Leone. The welcome was warm, there was great need and Bob found eager learners to mentor and good colleagues at the hospital. We marvel at the desire we sense God giving us to continue a partnership in compassionate, Christ honoring care in both of these places. We watch and listen expectantly for him to lead us in the details of this privilege.

Generosity Inspired

Regardless of where your mailing address says you live, we all joyfully leverage all our resources for the sake of the mission.


By *S, a Global Partners missionary

“Do you need an angel investor?”

It was the first time I had heard that phrase — and boy, was I excited to learn what an “angel investor” was! Some friends whom we hadn’t seen in ages had been saving money for something — they didn’t know what. They just knew that God had told them it wasn’t to be used for themselves. When they heard about our need for a boarding home for missionary kids in Central Asia, they were immediately interested. The wife had grown up in Europe as a missionary kid and they were already involved in many global projects.

They purchased the boarding home through a series of miracles — too many to recount here. But the most exciting part of the story was yet to come. Almost one year to the day after their purchase, the husband received a bonus from his work of the same amount as the cost of the purchase and remodel, plus an additional 5%! Talk about generosity inspired! Now this family’s faith adventure consists of a boarding home and money to do another project. Everything we see on this earth will one day burn (even this miracle home), but investments like this in the unseen kingdom-to-come will endure as gold.

For resources on making a legacy gift, including a free online will creation tool, visit

Followers Multiplied

As a result of partnering with Global Partners, your church will play a key role in more stories — stories of personal transformation and stories of the transformed being gathered into newly planted church communities.


By Luke Paraventi and Jason McFrederick

In 2021, part of the Global Partners team in the Czech Republic joined a mix of Americans and Czechs from various organizational and spiritual backgrounds to launch a new project — Media to Movement. With God’s leading, the team came together to focus on utilizing social media to amplify the disciple-making efforts that already exist throughout the country.

This project has two key values. First, the goal is not to argue or debate philosophical viewpoints online — but rather to invite people to discover Jesus, read the Bible with others and have someone engage and filter through the responses to find those who are sincerely seeking.

Secondly, this project is not to be a replacement for on-the-ground forms of evangelism. Instead, the project gives more opportunities to what the disciple-makers are already practicing — introducing others to Jesus. 

An online Discovery Bible Study met about twelve times this year before taking a break for the summer. Before the break, an individual who had joined the group said that when they came back, he would like to reread the same stories so he could invite his friend and see him impacted by the stories like he had been. We are so thankful to see the Holy Spirit working!

Leaders Developed

As the gospel takes root in an area, we are eager to turn over responsibility and authority to well-equipped local leaders. We are continually working ourselves out of a job.


By Mike Morgan, Director of Executive Initiatives

The Wesleyan Church in Nepal has been expanding over the past six years. As new churches are planted, the need for trained pastors continues to grow. To help meet this opportunity, Global Partners Missionaries, *K and *S, have been faithfully serving the church in Nepal since 2016 by helping facilitate pastoral training courses and leadership development opportunities for current and future pastors. Before the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, trainings had just started occurring every few months in the capital city of Kathmandu. However, due to the pandemic, trainings had to be paused.

With great joy, *K and *S recently returned to Nepal for the first time since the shutdowns and were greatly encouraged by the church there. The Nepalese pastors were able to gather and continue working to fulfill the ministerial licensing requirements, which will eventually lead to some of our first officially ordained pastors in Nepal!

“This week of training completed five of seven basic courses — this one being homiletics — and so many are saying this was the most helpful training they have received to date,” *K wrote. “The morale and enthusiasm of our Nepalese pastors and church leaders was probably the best we’ve ever seen among them. These pastors are ready to plant and build new churches throughout Nepal. Praise Him.”

Churches Reproduced

Global Partners’ missiology seeks to move each field through five phases—the fifth and final phase being “Multiplying Movements.” A church reaching this phase is not only mature enough to be self-supporting, but it is also parenting new works by planting churches and sending missionaries.

From Brazil to Sri Lanka

By Sonaildo, Soraya, Sândylla and Sophia, missionary family from Brazil

We quit our jobs and left our hometown in April 2022. First, we moved to Manaus for four months to visit churches and share about our call and the work in Asia. In August 2022, the church laid hands on us and sent us out.

We arrived in Sri Lanka in mid-August. The Sinhalese people are very friendly and welcoming. We are studying the language and trying to get used to the food that is so hot and spicy! We had hoped to go to Bangladesh, helping with the Wesleyan orphanage, but at this moment, the doors are closed to us. We understand that all things happen in God’s time according to his will. We feel that we are supposed to be in Sri Lanka at this moment and we love it here!

We are currently working in a local church, as well as setting up a South Asian mission house here in Colombo. Preparing for the theological education program that will be offered next year is one of our biggest tasks. We have great challenges with multiple languages, cultures and technology as we serve at the region headquarters here in Colombo. But we are here, grateful to God, that he chose us and called us to participate in his wonderful plans!

Nations Transformed

We are convinced that the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to transform lives, families, communities and entire nations. Historians tell us that the Wesleyan revival transformed 18th century England, saving it from the bloody revolution France experienced. We believe God can use us in our day to see nations made new.

From Everywhere to Everywhere … Until the Whole World Knows

By Cedric Rodrigo

When God’s people from everywhere come together, something similar to Pentecost can be observed and experienced as people worship, share and pray in their own language.  While gathering together for the “Everywhere to Everywhere” conference this May, where international church leaders spent intentional time together, one could not deny the fact that the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit was indeed at work in our midst in a similar manner.

When prayer broke out aloud in different languages with intercession for more workers to be sent out into the nations and people groups some teared, while some wept aloud, because the Holy Spirit was stirring the hearts of all present with a burden for the salvation of the lost.

It was three days of amazing worship, fellowship, praying for one another, encouraging one another and agreeing together to take the gospel from “Everywhere to Everywhere.” The conference ended with the following joint statement:

“In obedience to the great commission, we commit to pray for one another and partner with each other in taking the Gospel from Everywhere to Everywhere, empowered and led by the Holy Spirit … until the whole world knows!”