Bob Bagley

Dr. Bob Bagley is the Area Director over Africa. He and his wife, Brenda, are both “missionary kids” and have served as Global Partners missionaries since 1981. Bob served as teacher and principal at Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College in Swaziland. In 1994 he became the Southern Africa Mission Director and theological consultant to the Southern Africa Region. He received a master’s degree in missiology from Columbia International University in 1986 and a PhD in education from Trinity Divinity School in 2000. He was appointed Africa Area Director in 2009.

Three things that Bob does:

  • Oversees the ministry of Global Partners’ missionaries in Africa
  • Advises and encourages African church leaders as they lead their churches in fulfilling God’s vision for them as a church
  • Facilitates relationships between African churches and those who wish to assist them in their ministry

He has to be involved in the mission . . . to help God’s people collectively and individually develop to their full potential in Christ.

Partner with Bob and Brenda