Earthquake and Aftershocks Rocking Papua New Guinea

AUTHOR: Don & Cheri Floyd, missionaries to Papua New Guinea | CATEGORY: #AmplifyingCompassion | POSTED Mar 05, 2018

As Papua New Guinea slept, a 7.5+ earthquake struck, throwing some people from their beds and causing houses to start collapsing. Since that time, February 24, 12:44 PM EST (USA), over a hundred aftershocks have continued to rock the region. Some of these have been as strong as 6.2. World Hope has set up a […]

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AUTHOR: David Eitemiller | CATEGORY: #GenerosityInspired | POSTED Feb 14, 2018

God just makes himself so obvious sometimes, That anybody with half a brain can plainly see! Well that’s what happened the last 12 days of 2017, To the unbelieving part of me. Happy New Year to you all around the world. As we start out this 2018, I simply have to tell how God answered […]

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PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Bringing Physical and Spiritual Healing

AUTHOR: Mail Endolo, Wesleyan Health Secretary for PNG, with Cheri Floyd, missionary to PNG | CATEGORY: #GenerosityInspired, #PartnershipsEngaged | POSTED Feb 08, 2018

Papua New Guinea is one of the last reached places on earth. Until the twentieth century, this island country was cut off from the rest of the world. From the time Wesleyan missionaries set foot in Papua New Guinea in the 1960s, demonstrating the gospel through word and deed has been the priority. This passion […]

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