AUTHOR: By a Global Partners missionary* in South Asia | CATEGORY: #TransformingLives | POSTED May 04, 2018

It was May 2013 when we first met Rachel.* We had hired her to work as a teacher’s assistant at the preschool we were starting. She was not a follower of Christ, but she was kind and compassionate. And we knew she would be a great person to work with children. As time went on, our family and Rachel formed a friendship. Eventually we learned that Rachel’s daughter had been sick for a long time. Doctors had not been able to help her daughter. The gods she put her trust in also failed in helping her. We were able to share with Rachel about our God—Jesus—and that he could help.

Rachel was skeptical. Why would our God help her when she had never worshiped him? This gave us an opportunity to share with her about what makes Jesus different from all the gods she knew. Jesus is a God of love and grace. He loves us just because he loves, not because of what we can or cannot do for him. Together, with Rachel, we prayed for her daughter. Her daughter was healed! Rachel, since then, made the choice to be a follower of Jesus. She no longer worships the gods she once trusted.

Rachel is just one of many in our community that simply need an opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. One of our ministry strategies in expanding our circle of influence is to expand our current preschool to a full elementary school. The elementary school will be a door into the lives of families and communities that we may never interact with otherwise. We will build relationships and tangibly demonstrate the love of Jesus. This will amplify those who will hear and those who will be made new.

*Names omitted or changed for security reasons.