Check It Off!

AUTHOR: Dr. Dennis Jackson, Executive Director | CATEGORY: #Uncategorized | POSTED Dec 15, 2015

I find great joy in making lists to organize my work, my plans, my travel—my everything. But better than making a list is the joy of checking off the items accomplished! Praying prayers is not just about making a list, but interacting with the Holy Spirit to be guided in our prayers to diligently see […]

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PRAYER—A Critical Component

AUTHOR: Cheryl Brewer, Nune Home Support Team Director, Skyline Wesleyan Church | CATEGORY: #Uncategorized | POSTED Dec 14, 2015

In 2002, God put a burden on the heart of our church to partner with and deeply invest in an unreached people group in order to see lives transformed as they came to faith. After much prayer, God lead us to the Nune people of Central Asia, a Muslim people group living in an area […]

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PRAYER WALKING: Intercession on Location

AUTHOR: Tim Gallant, missionary to Cambodia | CATEGORY: #Uncategorized | POSTED Dec 14, 2015

The noise in the back alley was raucous; the sellers calling, the drone of traffic on the street nearby, and that one dog that always barked at us foreigners who dared to encroach on his territory. All of this nearly drowned out the words of my friend who was walking behind me, almost preventing me […]

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