Ministering to the Hard

AUTHOR: Ken Bishop, Missionary to Albania | CATEGORY: #Uncategorized | POSTED Jan 26, 2016

My family heard someone callout “Donna” from outside our house. I looked and shamefully dreaded going to meet the women at the door. Mary* has a very argumentative personality and very brash demeanor, and she doesn’t seem to want to change her ways. She is just a hard person to deal with. I said to […]

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Free at Last

AUTHOR: Dr. Lena Crouso, Director of Intercultural Engagement & Academic Development at Indiana Wesleyan University | CATEGORY: #Uncategorized | POSTED Jan 25, 2016

India is a country of deep and rich heritage, of a strong and vibrant people, of paradoxes in rich and poor, of the oxen cart and the computer, and it is the place I call my home country. The land and the people are indeed her beauty. The oppression, pain, poverty, and injustices are the […]

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Community Health Evangelism

AUTHOR: Lowell Adams, Missionary to Haiti | CATEGORY: #Uncategorized | POSTED Jan 14, 2016

In order to visit the Fontina area in Haiti, it takes an hour-long grueling trip up the mountain from the La Gonave mission compound at sea level. Once we arrive in Fontina, our first stop is always at the house of Sekay. He is “the man” in Fontina. You know the kind I’m talking about—if […]

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