Theology of Mission Calls for Trained Leaders

AUTHOR: Dave Horne, Europe Area Director | CATEGORY: #Uncategorized | POSTED Apr 29, 2016

“The theology of holiness is especially important to us.” This wasn’t what I expected to hear when I asked the pastor how Wesleyan theology could be a blessing to the people of his city. It was unique to see a young congregation with a desire to understand more about the history of The Wesleyan Church […]

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The Priority of Ministerial Training

AUTHOR: Dr. John H. Connor, Pacific Area Director | CATEGORY: #Uncategorized | POSTED Apr 29, 2016

The Wesleyan Church units under Global Partners have seen a tremendous revival and growth over the last ten years. Praise the Lord! This has caused an unprecedented problem. We are planting international churches at a rate of more than 100 per year, but we are not producing enough pastors to give leadership to all these […]

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The Global Leadership Gap

AUTHOR: Dr. Dennis Jackson, Executive Director | CATEGORY: #Uncategorized | POSTED Apr 28, 2016

The Wesleyan Church around the world is expanding. Churches are being planted. Lives are being made new. Believers are being led to serve and to pastor these new churches and lives. BUT THERE IS A BIG GAP. The ladder that takes an individual from new Christ-follower to pastor is often difficult around the world. Availability, […]

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