AUTHOR: Corey Munsell, missionary to Albania | CATEGORY: #WorkingRelationships | POSTED Aug 26, 2016

Lead with love . . . these words continue to ring in my head. I first heard them about a month ago at the Global Partners’ Amplifying Mission Summit in Houghton, New York. In our world today, it is so easy to want to lead with what I believe and to make people fit into […]

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The End Game of the Mission Movement

AUTHOR: Ben Ward, Director of Communications & Innovations Architect and Asia Area Director | CATEGORY: #5Phases | POSTED Aug 26, 2016

When we send missionaries, what are we hoping to accomplish? What is our ultimate end game? . . .Is it serving individual poor people? Is it building schools and clinics? Is it personally sharing the gospel with everyone we meet? While these and other activities are components of missionaries’ daily schedules, they are not the […]

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AUTHOR: Fred Cromer, missionary to Uganda | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedLeaders | POSTED Aug 26, 2016

Aggrey Kakuba is one of the students who comes for training at the Wesleyan Bible Institute in Uganda. During a New Testament Survey class, we were studying Paul’s conversion on the Damascus Road. I asked the class if they had ever heard of someone converted like this. Aggrey said that, yes, he was saved in […]

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