The Church of Today in Ecuador

AUTHOR: Lori Rice, missionary to Ecuador | CATEGORY: #NationsTransformed | POSTED May 31, 2017

Broken families. Trying to fit in. Trying to find yourself. Wanting to grow up—yet not wanting to grow up. Looking for purpose and meaning. These are common feelings for youth throughout the world, including the youth of Ecuador. There are times when ministry workers confuse the idea of having to entertain young people with making […]

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Young and Old, We All Play a Part

AUTHOR: Ben Ward, Asia Pacific Area Director | CATEGORY: #MissionariesMobilized | POSTED May 31, 2017

It is amazing to see the diversity of workers God sends into his harvest field. Retired pastors, middle-aged doctors, young professionals. We are never too old nor too young to join Christ in his pursuit of people’s hearts. Kathmandu, Nepal For more than 40 years Keith and Saundra Nash were very fruitful in local North […]

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Lives Transformed Result in Churches Planted

AUTHOR: Fred Cromer, missionary to Uganda | CATEGORY: #ChurchesReproduced, #TransformingLives | POSTED May 28, 2017

Stephen and Ruth Ziraba had a difficult marriage relationship. Ruth had problems with demons. She came from a family that was demonized. She was chosen to be the next witch doctor in her family. She was so tormented that she took a chance and went to a pastor for help. He prayed with her. She […]

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