Pray Not for Crutches but for Wings

AUTHOR: A Global Partners missionary couple* living among the Fotizo people in the Turkic/Muslim area | CATEGORY: #NationsTransformed, #TransformingLives | POSTED Jun 30, 2017

Since first arriving in Central Asia over 10 years ago, we have continued to pray that God would raise up more workers for this harvest field. Not just for the sake of more workers but because the job is so massive. Ultimately, our ministry is about seeing the impossible happen. In years gone by, missionaries […]

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The Thriving Wesleyan Church in Bangladesh

AUTHOR: A Global Partners missionary in Asia* | CATEGORY: #AdvancingChurch, #NationsTransformed | POSTED Jun 29, 2017

The fourth annual district conference of The Wesleyan Church of Bangladesh was held in May 2017. Seventy-one delegates were in attendance. More than 100 people gathered for the occasion. Four years ago, this partnership started with 14 churches and 700 members. Today, there are 46 vibrant Wesleyan churches and 2,160 members! Bangladesh is an Islamic […]

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Catalysts for Amplifying Leaders

AUTHOR: Bill Peed, Global Leadership Catalysts Director | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedLeaders, #LeadersDeveloped | POSTED Jun 29, 2017

The North American Wesleyan Church places a high value on an educated clergy. They expect their pastors to have biblical knowledge, possess holy character, and develop practical skills for ministry. The church’s ministers-in-training have several pathways provided to them in order to receive the formal education required to become an ordained minister. This is not […]

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