Catalysts for Amplifying Leaders

AUTHOR: Bill Peed, Global Leadership Catalysts Director | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedLeaders, #LeadersDeveloped | POSTED Jun 29, 2017

The North American Wesleyan Church places a high value on an educated clergy. They expect their pastors to have biblical knowledge, possess holy character, and develop practical skills for ministry. The church’s ministers-in-training have several pathways provided to them in order to receive the formal education required to become an ordained minister. This is not […]

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Full Partners in Ministry

AUTHOR: Cheri Floyd, missionary to Papua New Guinea | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedLeaders, #EquipHer, #LeadersDeveloped | POSTED Feb 28, 2017

Why only now? . . . In the past, there were Papua New Guinean women who had the educational qualifications needed to enter the Bible college’s training program for ministry. The Wesleyan Church of Papua New Guinea acknowledged that God calls both women and men to preach the gospel. But no woman had done ordination […]

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AUTHOR: Fred Cromer, missionary to Uganda | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedLeaders | POSTED Aug 26, 2016

Aggrey Kakuba is one of the students who comes for training at the Wesleyan Bible Institute in Uganda. During a New Testament Survey class, we were studying Paul’s conversion on the Damascus Road. I asked the class if they had ever heard of someone converted like this. Aggrey said that, yes, he was saved in […]

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