Prayer Matters

AUTHOR: a Global Partners missionary* living among the Nune people in the Turkic-Arabic Area | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedPrayer | POSTED Dec 19, 2018

Praying in slow response areas is something akin to paying into retirement in your 20s. It may look and feel unimportant at the time—after all, there is no obvious benefit . . . for the moment. We must be convinced that our monthly payments are not disappearing into thin air. With prayer there is no […]

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AUTHOR: Our Missionary Team* in Eastern Europe | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedPrayer | POSTED Jul 24, 2018

What does it look like when an entire country is burdened under a spirit of depression? . . . What about ethnic groups that foster bitterness and resentment toward each other under a spirit of nationalism? . . . How about a country full of people wearing debilitating shackles under a spirit of fear? . […]

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We Ask, He Sends

AUTHOR: Rev. Gwen Jackson | CATEGORY: #AmplifiedPrayer | POSTED Dec 18, 2017

The gift of intercessory prayer is a powerful tool in the body of Christ. Webster’s definition of intercede means “to go or pass between or to mediate.” To mediate means “to interpose between parties as the equal friend of each.” Intercession is representing another individual before God. In Great Commission work, it could be representing […]

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