Earthquake and Aftershocks Rocking Papua New Guinea

AUTHOR: Don & Cheri Floyd, missionaries to Papua New Guinea | CATEGORY: #AmplifyingCompassion | POSTED Mar 05, 2018

As Papua New Guinea slept, a 7.5+ earthquake struck, throwing some people from their beds and causing houses to start collapsing. Since that time, February 24, 12:44 PM EST (USA), over a hundred aftershocks have continued to rock the region. Some of these have been as strong as 6.2. World Hope has set up a […]

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AUTHOR: Dan Irvine, Caribe Atlantic Area Director | CATEGORY: #AmplifyingCompassion, #NationsTransformed | POSTED Sep 26, 2016

Do you ever wish that you were always able to think on your feet, to give the perfect answer, to deliver the zinger? Instead, I am usually grappling too late with what I could have—should have—said in the moment of opportunity. Caught unprepared by this statement—“The only reason we do ministries of compassion is to […]

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AUTHOR: A Global Partners missionary* serving East Asia | CATEGORY: #AmplifyingCompassion, #NationsTransformed | POSTED Sep 26, 2016

Caleb* is a seven-year-old orphan rescued from an orphanage by our East Asia team. He was a “throwaway” child because he has cerebral palsy. However, Caleb’s life has been transformed by one East Asian family’s generosity. At times, our humanitarian team in East Asia is able to provide stipends to needy foster parents, but these […]

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