Lives Transformed Result in Churches Planted

AUTHOR: Fred Cromer, missionary to Uganda | CATEGORY: #ChurchesReproduced, #TransformingLives | POSTED May 28, 2017

Stephen and Ruth Ziraba had a difficult marriage relationship. Ruth had problems with demons. She came from a family that was demonized. She was chosen to be the next witch doctor in her family. She was so tormented that she took a chance and went to a pastor for help. He prayed with her. She […]

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Handing off the baton

AUTHOR: Jarvis Ferguson, Ibero-America Area Director | CATEGORY: #AdvancingChurch, #ChurchesReproduced | POSTED Mar 29, 2017

The 2016 General Conference gave its approval to create the Established Regional Conference of Ibero-America. The 19 countries that will make up this regional conference are working together to be ready to “receive the baton” of leadership from Global Partners once the final approval is given by the International Conference of The Wesleyan Church in […]

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