AUTHOR: Global Partners missionaries living among and ministering to people in hard places | CATEGORY: #MissionariesMobilized, #NationsTransformed | POSTED Nov 10, 2017

“I’m terrified of death, when my whole life will be presented before God and will be judged. That’s why I go to the cemetery often to hear the cries of those in hell telling me to be a good person and not to sin.” Recently, a local Karis man shared this reflection with of one […]

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We Give Ourselves Far Too Much Credit

AUTHOR: A missionary* living among the Fotizo people in the Turkic-Arabic area | CATEGORY: #MissionariesMobilized, #TransformingLives | POSTED Oct 20, 2017

One of the things God has recently been teaching me is how to realistically consider the roll I play in reaching this country for Christ. We have been studying some of the common denominators that are present with people who come to faith from an Islamic background. Present in most cases are dreams and visions […]

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Introducing Philip Gormong, Global Partners Mobilizer

AUTHOR: | CATEGORY: #LeadersDeveloped, #MissionariesMobilized, #PartnershipsEngaged | POSTED Sep 30, 2017

Philip grew up in Zambia, Africa, where his parents, Dan and Nancy Gormong, served as Global Partners missionaries. After graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University with a major in psychology and minor in biblical literature, he traveled to New Zealand on a two-week trip led by Dr. Jim Lo. There, God confirmed Philip’s call to ministry. […]

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