EQUIP HER: Providing Theological Training for Women

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Heart of Missions Offering

you know that only 17% of Wesleyan international pastors are ordained?
To get to ordination, it can take over 10-15 years—many give up even
trying. We have 30 Bible colleges that are making a difference, but
there is still a huge gap of accessibility, affordability, and
believability in training.

Mongolia all the Wesleyan churches in the country are led by women.
Only two of these women have gone through formal Bible training and none
are ordained. One Bible college exists in the whole country and library
resources are scarce.

Pastor Ankha as an example. She excelled in high school and was
encouraged by her family to take a scholarship to a local secular
university. She moved over 10 hours away to Ulaanbaatar to study. However, she secretly began attending Bible college, knowing she had been called by God.

Ankha now leads a church in her hometown. In October 2016 she
articulated a vision to plant a church in another village. Other young
leaders in her village also desire to study theology, but they cannot
access or afford the needed training.

Leaders was created by Global Partners to provide opportunities for
women like Pastor Ankha. Together we can do this! Make training more
accessible, affordable, and believable for leaders around the world.

year, for the Heart of Missions offering (formerly Heart of Ministry)
traditional done through Wesleyan Women, we would like to provide
specific support through Amplified Leaders to train female national
leaders like Pastor Ankha.

gift will ensure the global church continues to expand and multiply. We
desire to see every disciple make a disciple and churches multiply. To
do this, we need trained female pastors. A gift to Amplified Leaders
will make a leadership difference for generations.

The photos in this article are compliments of Cory Ellison.


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