Global Partners Health Network Projects

Global Partners Health Network (GPHN) exists to amplify the healing power of The Wesleyan Church by helping native churches bring healing to their communities and supporting the medical ministries of Global Partners.

The purpose of the La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital is to communicate the love of Christ through caring for the sick, promoting preventive medicine, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and training Christian care-givers and technicians.

The Wesleyan University of Haiti: School of Nursing Sciences is directed by veteran missionary to Haiti, Dr. Janice Cotrone. The School is fully accredited by the government of Haiti, and has received the prestigious commendation from USAID as one of the top schools of nursing in the country.

This fund is needed to help with the operational costs and maintenance of the Zimba Mission Hospital and three rural health centers (Chabbobboma, Jembo and Siachitema) as well as the operational budget for the Medical Administrator.

Donations to the GPHN Medical Fund – Sierra Leone will be used to grow the impact of the Weslyan medical ministries in Sierra Leone through support for the hospital and clinics, support of the outreach programs of the hospital, support for national staff, and financial aid for patients.

Founded in 2003, LIGHT has trained over 30 family practice doctors, who have actively engaged in serving vulnerable populations across the Asian continent. As a result of these mercy ministries, over 5000 people have come to Christ. LIGHT continues to adapt to respond to the needs of a rapidly changing context. Supporting LIGHT East Asia enables you to play a vital role in both equipping healers and serving vulnerable populations.

LIGHT is working to lead through teaching and example the sending of national medical missionaries. The medical training is in parallel with our standard 3-year residency program, but a 4th year of spiritual and cross-cultural training is added. Only national doctors who confess Jesus and have a call to serve another culture are accepted. This project will not only help LIGHT grow more effectively in cross-cultural ministry, but will be a model for other like-minded groups serving in Asia as well as the national body. Potential sending connections exist in Cairo, Cambodia, Lebanon, Iraq, and minority areas of our country.

In the tragic explosion of an oxygen tank at the Bethany medical clinic in Myanmar in early November 2021, the clinic and most of the essential medical equipment were destroyed. The purpose of this project is to provide funding to rebuild the clinic (~$199,000) and replace the essential equipment (~40,000) as soon as possible. Some of the needed equipment include an Ultrasound Machine, CP Auto Machine, and a Digital X-ray Solution Machine. The clinic serves the medical needs of the Wesleyan congregations and the public in northern Myanmar.

These funds will help to provide medicine and supplies needed by the Bethany Clinic, a ministry of the Wesleyan Church of Myanmar, as they provide compassionate medical care to those patients who are unable to cover the minimal costs of their medical treatment.

CHE is a tool or system that allows you to address the “felt needs” of local communities through a holistic biblical approach that does not separate ministries of compassion and spiritual wellbeing. CHE is a template that allows diverse individuals and communities to use the principles of development in a way that applies to them and their particular needs. CHE is not a latrine project, a rural project or a fix everything project. It is a method that empowers and mobilizes local people to do the work of God in their communities and through their local Church.