David & Brenda Babcock Give now

David and Brenda Babcock have worked 46 years in ministry in Central and Eastern Europe while living near to Vienna, Austria. Going first to Europe as an engaged couple at the age of 19, we were married in Germany, then adopted two children and four children were born to us. Now, as our children are all grown, we have eleven grandchildren in Austria and in the US. We have remained involved in ministry through all the changes that have taken place, both in our own lives as well as the huge changes that have taken place in Eastern Europe over these years.

Our present ministry is much different than what we have done earlier. We began in the time of the communist states of Eastern Europe when our main ministry was visiting the churches and Christians of Eastern Europe in order to secretly bring them Bibles, children’s materials, and teaching books—smuggling them into each of the countries.

Since the changes of 1989 and 1990, however, we can openly work alongside the churches and their people in missions, evangelism, and training. For five years we worked with establishing evangelism and ministry teams across Russia, often traveling there to help those ministries develop. Since that time we have worked in training, mentoring, and pastoral care of mission teams scattered in the region from Germany through to the Ukraine and from the Czech Republic down through the Balkan countries to Bulgaria and Albania.

At the end of May 2015, we moved to the US, leaving so much of what we have known in Europe. It is with sadness that we have moved, yet we believe that this is the right time. We base ourselves now from Colorado, but we will continue to be involved in training, mentoring, and traveling back to Europe and around the world. We are part of the Wellness Team of Global Partners with the goal of “Amplifying the missionaries so they can amplify the mission.”

We are thankful to you who have so faithfully supported and prayed for us in our ministry.