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Sheree Wuertz

George and Sheree Wuertz grew up in eastern Kansas, met toward the end of high school and went to Kansas State University (KSU) where they graduated with degrees in civil engineering and marriage and family therapy respectively.

While at KSU, the George and Sheree attended Westview Community Church. In July of 2001, one semester before graduation and just weeks before they were to be married, during a certain Sunday service, they sensed a very clear and real call to go to Ecuador. It was an experience unlike anything they had ever had before. Walking the path that the call had set them on, the Wuertzes were appointed by Global Partners in 2004 to go to Ecuador via language training in Costa Rica, and they have been serving in Ecuador ever since.

The Wuertzes serve the Ecuadorian people in a variety of ways, but principally through the construction and development of a family center in Cuenca, Ecuador, which provides a wide range of family oriented activities, including sports programs, youth events, English classes, marriage and family counseling, and local church ministries. The Wuertzes’ life verse is John 10:10 where Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (NASB).

George and Sheree have four children:  Daniel (’06), Nathan (’08), Joel (’12), and Caleb (’18).