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Bob & Brenda Bagley

Both Bob and Brenda (Karns) Bagley are former missionary kids and as teens accepted the call to serve Christ in full-time ministry. They served as Global Partners’ missionaries to Southern Africa from 1982 through 2004. While in Africa, Bob served as Principal for the Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College (EWBC) in Swaziland, Southern African Mission Director, and Director for Wesleyan African Advanced Leadership Training. Brenda taught at EWBC and Wesleyan Evangelical Seminary, mentored African women leaders, and established Compassionate Ministries South Africa.

Since 2009 the Bagleys have been serving as Global Partners’ Africa Area Director. Working alongside African church leaders, their dream is to see an African church that is: a) aggressively harvest focused; b) effectively equipping people for ministry; c) free from financial dependency; and d) preaching and living a doctrine that is biblically sound and appropriately African.