Many generations of Arabs have lived in Dearborn, Michigan, mostly dating back to when Henry Ford first opened his Rouge Factory and began producing the Model T. Over the years, many more migrated to Dearborn, making it the largest concentration of Arabs outside the Middle East. Over 60% of our city’s population is of Arab descent, most of whom are Muslim.

The Dearborn Project exists to lead a disciple-making movement among the Arab population in Dearborn. We work hard to build trust with our community and to share the good news of Jesus Christ in hopes of seeing a network of home fellowships established here. We also exist to train and equip the North American Church to reach the ever-growing Muslim population in the United States and around the world.

Partnering with Global Partners’ NEXT program has been a great addition. NEXT helps develop young adults’ sense of community, calling, character, and culture. We’ve been honored to have four NEXT interns in 2019.

Every week we’ve met to share stories of how our team has furthered gospel-centered relationships or taken the opportunity to pray with someone, as they teach an English class, give rides to school, or sit with families at a doctor’s office. They’ve learned basic Arabic and boldly stepped out to introduce Jesus in everyday conversations. It’s exciting to see seeds being planted in the “every day.”

NEXT: Dearborn has also provided great opportunities for young adults to grow in their own faith as they reach the unreached and unengaged. One of our interns beautifully penned it like this:

I’ve been learning that ministry never looks like the romantic visions that we sometimes paint. Sometimes you feel as if you’re going backwards. Sometimes doing missions means surrendering your understanding of God, yourself, and the world around you.


I’ve learned that missions is incredibly hard, with lonely moments and confusing experiences, even when you give your best efforts. But I’ve also learned it is beautiful and rewarding in the end.


I’ve learned that God’s power really is made evident in our weaknesses. I’ve learned to listen to him as he calls me to prayer. As you work among the non-Christian world, you enter a battlefield for souls.

It’s been exciting to watch our interns grow in confidence and maintain relationships with people that may have never had a friendship with a Christ-follower. As our interns have brought fresh air to our family and work, I’m reminded the Church still relies on young people to thrive. And young people still need the Church and her mission.


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