Estate Planning

Does your will or estate plan include Global Partners?

Many people have expressed a desire to be able to give significant contributions for the global ministries of The Wesleyan Church, but have felt that they are already doing all they can at present, not realizing that they can do just that in their will or estate plan.

These are momentous days of unprecedented opportunities for expanding the world-wide ministries of Global Partners. Just 10 years ago we were ministering in 42 countries of the world. Today we are in more than 90 countries and open doors of opportunity abound. Increased financial resources will help make it possible to enter more of those doors.

Statistics show that at least 7 out of 10 Americans (including Christians) do not have a will or adequate estate plan. Since our laws mandate that the State directs disposing of the estate for those who die with no plan, Christians have a moral obligation to take care of this vital matter. “What will happen to our assets after we are gone?” is a question each of us should ask.

It is our desire to offer information and counsel to individuals and groups of people within the church to help them make careful estate plans.

The major goal is to see that individuals retain adequate life income for themselves, their families and other beneficiaries and then to offer them the opportunity to remember Global Partners in their will or estate plan.

As Christians we try to live our entire lives according to God’s plan for stewardship of life and possessions. We want those principles to be applied to our possessions even after we are gone. That is possible with careful and adequate planning now.

Many people put off this important matter of making a will or estate plan simply because they don’t know how to do it. They need confidential Christian advice and counsel from someone they can trust. If you are over the age of 18, contact our office for assistance in Estate Planning. We can make sure you receive individual counseling regarding wills and living trusts. or 800.707.7715