Resourcing Fee

We are compelled by a huge vision – Global Transformation.

Collectively, we embrace financial resourcing as an essential component to see this vision realized. As a team, Global Partners missionaries contribute to a resourcing account that funds strategic priorities to seize new opportunities and sustain momentum, including:

  1. Streamlining Administration
    Providing our missionaries with effective financial and donor systems to allow them to devote more time to ministry.
  2. Resourcing Wellness
    Enabling the support system required to keep missionaries spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy as well as professionally growing.
  3. Mobilizing Missionaries
    Multiplying our team to extend our reach.
  4. Engaging Partnerships
    Connecting with North American Wesleyan Churches to increase missional engagement.
  5. Multiplying Movements
    Empowering the national church to not only become self-supporting, but also to send cross-cultural missionaries.

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