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Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital - Sierra Leone, West Africa
  • Since opening in 1959, Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital remains the only inpatient medical facility in a 50 mile radius serving over 600,000 people. It is a full-service hospital with pediatrics, obstetrics and men’s and women’s medical and surgical wards along with a malnutrition program, a busy outpatient clinic, laboratory department and an ambulance to transport maternity and seriously ill patients. Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital is fully staffed by Sierra Leone national health care workers.

    In addition to the hospital and clinic in Kamakwie, there are three additional clinics. The clinic in Gbendembu is staffed by a nurse and a Community Health Officer (similar to a physician’s assistant in the U.S.). A clinic in the capital city of Freetown is located in a community called Kissy. The is also a clinic in a very rural area called Medina which is staffed by a nurse and an assistant.

    The medical ministry in Sierra Leone consisting of the hospital and clinics is supported by Global Partners and managed by the Health Care Ministry of the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone.

La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital - La Gonave, Haiti

    La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital was founded in 1958 and has provided medical care and health education to the people of the island of La Gonave since its inception. It continues to be the only full-service hospital operating on the island and serves an estimated 120,000 people. A new hospital was built in 2013 with 2 operating suites, 4 bed labor and delivery unit, and 48 inpatient beds, including 2 isolation rooms and 6 private rooms. There is also an 8 bed ER / outpatient unit complete with x-ray, along with basic laboratory services and ultrasound services. The outpatient clinics include maternal and child health, TB, and HIV as well as an extensive community health education program.

    The medical ministry is supported by Global Partners however the administration of the medical ministry is provided by the National Church of Haiti. The hospital is fully staffed by Haitian health care workers including nurses, three full-time doctors and a resident.

Zimba Mission Hospital - Zambia, Africa
  • Zimba Mission Hospital (ZMH) is located in Zambia, Africa. Founded in 1960 it was started as a clinic but grew to a hospital a few years later. While the population of Zimba is 11,000, the hospital has the only operating room in 3 health districts with a catchment population for surgical and obstetric patients of 330,000. ZMH has 100 inpatient beds along with a recently built, full service maternity unit which allows many more patients to deliver in the hospital, thereby decreasing the incidence of maternal and infant mortality. There are surgery, radiology and laboratory departments as well as an outpatient HIV, TB and dental clinics. International Vision Volunteers partners with ZMH and has built a complete eye surgical unit with volunteer ophthalmologists coming regularly to perform surgeries and treat a variety of eye conditions.

    The medical ministry in Zambia is supported by Global Partners with administration of the medical ministry provided by the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Zambia. The hospital is fully staffed by Zambian national health care workers. Drs. Dan and Joan Jones currently serve at the hospital as GP missionaries.

Bethany Clinic - Myanmar
  • Global Partners helps support the Bethany Clinic in Myanmar. The clinic is staffed by two Wesleyan Burmese doctors with the support of a longstanding, faithful national staff. Located in a two-story building in a downtown area, there are several consulting rooms, a pharmacy, and a maternity suite. The clinic is in the process of preparing an operating room.