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Rehabilitation of the Ebenezer Church Roof

Ebenezer Wesleyan Mission is located in Maphungwane in the eastern part of Swaziland. Ebenezer Mission is one of the oldest missions in Swaziland and also in the Southern Africa Region. The mission comprises a feeding scheme for underprivileged children, a clinic, and primary school. The mission is located in one of the poverty stricken communities in Swaziland. Moreover, the impact of HIV and AIDS is very evident in this area. The church is now composed of the old generation and young children. The church structure in the mission is getting old and requires urgent attention, especially the roof. The congregants of Ebenezer Mission do not have the financial capacity to cover the cost of installing the new roofing. The Wesleyan Church in Swaziland is greatly concerned about the condition of this monumental building. Rehabilitation of the church structure will not only benefit the congregation but the community who call this church home.