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San Francisco Church Construction — Dominican Republic

This is the first Wesleyan Church plant in the city of San Francisco, (pop.106k), about two hours from Santo Domingo, the capital city. The 2500 sq. ft. lot has been purchased. The location is in the heart of the of a low income area. For the past five years the congregation has been reaching out to the community in a small rented house by: 1) providing regular worship services; 2) a feeding program for children on Sunday; 3) providing assistance with home work for school age children every weekday. Many of them from single parent families, many of parents cannot read or write. 4) Providing five computers for learning computer skills; 5) providing a library for the kids and community. There are approximately 30 people in the congregation. The congregation needs a permanent location to expand the ministry. Pastor Jose Manuel Acosta is bi-vocational; he is the city librarian in San Francisco. This project is designed to provide a place of worship and expand the ministries of compassion for the congregation called: La Iglesia Wesleyana “Puerta de Esperanza” (The Door of Hope Wesleyan Church).