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Tin Roofs for Africa (DRC & Burundi)

While The Wesleyan Church in the Democratic Republic of the Congo only started in 1994, it already has 10 districts, 61 churches, and a mission outreach to Cameroon. The ministry is growing fast with new churches being planted almost every month. New congregations are building their own churches by making their own bricks, but lack the resources to purchase tin roofs, which are necessary to handle months of rain and the occasional hurricane.

Presently there are 17 churches in the DRC and 7 churches in Burundi that are in need of tin roofs. Most of the churches require about 70 tin panels while a few churches require about 120 panels. Tin panels run about $10 each in the DRC costs and about $15 each in Burundi. Would you consider donating funds to this project to provide tin roofs for these African churches?