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Uganda Adult Literacy

This project is to develop primers (books that teach the basic skills of reading and writing) for adults that have never had the opportunity to learn to read. The primers will be developed through Literacy and Evangelism International (LEI) headquartered in Tulsa Oklahoma. We will focus on two language groups, Lusamia and Lusoga, that are prominent in The Wesleyan Church of Uganda. The goal of this project is to encourage strong church members by making it possible for them to read God’s Word in their mother tongue. The primers are also an evangelism tool. Each lesson has Bible content giving the tutors opportunity to witness the love of Christ and giving the learners opportunity to accept Christ as their personal Savior.  The money needed for this project will be for the construction of the primer in the vernacular languages, help with the initial printing of the primers and enable us to hold workshops to train tutors to teach how to use the primers