Anse-a-Galets Waterline Upgrade — Haiti

WM06-1579 | Compassion, Construction/Property

This is a joint project between West Indies Self Help (WISH) and Global Partners (GP), with both organizations responsible for raising a portion of the funds needed to complete the project.  Located 2 miles from the village of Anse-à-Galets, a water aquifer and reservoir has been piping fresh water to the Wesleyan hospital and compound, Wesleyan church and school, WISH compound and facilities, as well as to 18 public fountains and other local organizations. Approximately 40,000 people have access to water due to the waterline. The current underground galvanized pipes are starting to deteriorate, affecting the purity of the water supply. New stainless steel pipe needs to be purchased and installed to maintain the supply of water. This will allow for at least 50 years of fresh clean water for the community.