In September 2012 my husband, Ken, as Albanian Mission Director, was asked to close the Kosovo field since the Global Partners missionaries living there were returning to North America. As my husband stood on the balcony of their home overlooking the city, he wept knowing there were no churches or small groups to plug the few believers into.

Sinan Pasha Mosque, an Ottoman mosque in Prizren’s old town in Kosovo (Photo Credit: iStock.com/ lovelypeace)

Previously in 2004, while praying for direction as to where the Lord would have us serve as long-term missionaries, he twice gave me a very clear vision that undeniably showed Kosovo. As we did our research, we found that Albanians are the largest ethnic group in Kosovo. When Global Partners mentioned Albania in our interview, we took this as clear confirmation of the place where we were called to live and minister. The Lord continued to confirm that calling through our 13 years of serving him in many capacities in Albania. During this time, the goal before our missionary team in Albania was always to plant a reproducible Albanian church.

In the fall of 2016, as we saw the Albanian church council form, the Albanian body of Christ grow, Albanian leaders emerge, and discipleship taking place, we contacted the Kosovo Christian leaders and asked how we could pray and what towns had no witness. Ken and I then took a prayer trip in order to pray over these towns, asking the Lord what he would have us do. Our ministry team also took a similar trip to Kosovo, praying over the towns and seeking God’s will. In 2017 the call from God came during a prayer trip with a specific town revealed to Dawn. The call was confirmed by a clear word from the Lord to Ken. Then came the rush of doubts, questions, and the reality of the call. While in the back of our minds, the Lord was reminding us of those tears shed on a balcony and that vision so many years ago.

The people of Kosovo have suffered through genocide. Our Lord wants to be the healer of those wounds and desires to see this nation transformed.

In June 2018 we allowed our hearts to be torn in two. One half in Albania where we were called and made many memories; the other half in Kosovo where we are now called and are the only Christians in this town. We take each half of our hearts into Kosovo and hold them up to our Lord. We know that he can take this newly reopened field of Kosovo and make it whole in Christ’s eyes! The people of Kosovo have suffered through genocide. Our Lord wants to be the healer of those wounds and desires to see this nation transformed. Please pray as we begin scattering good seeds in this small town. Pray that our big God would begin the work that only he can do.

Do you believe that we hold the Good Seed and that it is the only way to transformation? Then join us in praying for the Holy Spirit’s transforming power to flow over the nation of Kosovo!

Cover Photo Credit: iStock.com/BalkinsCat