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Matt & Caryl Aukerman

Matt and Caryl Aukerman have served in Albania with Global Partners since 2006. Albania is a country scarred by almost 45 years of communism, preceded by 400+ years under the Muslim Ottoman Empire.

The Aukermans are church planting among mostly nominal Muslims. They are now witnessing Albanian Jesus-followers emerging as leaders who provide leadership for the church. Matt and Caryl are involved in mentoring leaders, personal evangelism, discipleship, and children’s outreach as they minister holistically and encourage the development of a healthy, Albanian-led national church.

Matt and Caryl have three children. Noah and Grace are attending university in North America and preparing for ministry. Hannah is ministering with her parents in Albania.

“. . . I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it” (Matthew 16:18 NIV).



May 27, 2020

As the coronavirus spreads across Albania, how would you like to help reveal the truth of Jesus to over 2 million Albanians who do not know where they would spend eternity?  Ramadan just ended here, and many Albanians were praying—some even fasting—and seeking Him in a deeper way.  All across the Muslim world, God is revealing Himself through many means including visions, dreams and miracles. Will you join us in praying for this in a special way for Muslims in Albania?

When reading about the most unreached peoples of the world with our daughter Hannah one day, we read that after concerted prayers of Christians for one village, every single villager became a Christian after Jesus appeared to them in dreams on the same night!!  Will you pray along with us, specifically for God to reveal Himself to the people where we live in Durres and to the unreached village of Rrashbull nearby?  The people of our city weathered a 6.4 earthquake this past November. Many called out to God that day, including those that usually do not pray.  We pray that they do not forget the urgency they felt that day and do turn to the one who can save them not just from an earthquake but save them for all of eternity!