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Randal & Candice Cheney

Randal and Candice have been in ministry since 1997. In 2010 they were appointed as long-term missionaries with Global Partners.

The Cheneys’ initial assignment involved serving as acting principal at Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College in eSwatini and working with pastoral leadership in Zimbabwe. In 2016 Randal began serving as theological education consultant for the Global Partners Africa Area.

The Cheneys’ goal is to strengthen national churches through theological education by preparing and equipping needed laborers for the growing harvest field of Africa. Their vision is to see the potential of the African church unleashed through the power of the Holy Spirit, transforming lives and entire countries for the glory of God.

The Cheneys have five children: Nathaniel (’94), Marlena (’97), Olivia (’99), William (’02), and Clark-Benjamin (’06).