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Badr City Church/Conference Center — Egypt

The purpose of this project is to build a conference center for the Wesleyan Standard Church of Egypt. The government of Egypt has awarded The Wesleyan Church a plot of land that is 1,650 square meters in size and worth $500,000 in the city of Badr. Badr City is located 150 miles outside of Cairo and is largely a middle to upper middle class area. This piece of land will initially be used to launch a new Wesleyan church, which will eventually be expanded to become a conference center. The Wesleyan Church is one of the few denominations in Egypt that doesn’t have a conference center of its own. This will provide space for a local church and a location for leader’s meetings, as well as family and youth camps  The first phase of the project (the construction of a required wall around the property and the architectural drawings) has already been funded.  Additional funds are needed for the actual construction of the church/conference center building.