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Down’s Syndrome Website (East Asia)

Globally, parents want to do their best to care for their children with special needs. However, in East Asia, finding accurate information in the local language on caring for kids with Down’s syndrome is very difficult. Most information says these kids will always be disabled and unable to do anything. Down’s support groups are few. Parents do not know how to educate their child, and they feel lonely, helpless, and hopeless. Tragic stories have been reported — some parents have divorced because they had a Down’s child. Some have committed murder or suicide. Others let their child live with congenital medical conditions, such as heart disease, that if untreated doom their child to a premature death.

Your giving to this project will enable the creation and maintenance of a website that aims to address this lack of understanding — to give parents hope, to let them know that their child can get a degree, work, live independently, and be a useful person in society. This website will provide information on education, language, social and cognitive skills, motor skills therapy, and overcoming the additional medical challenges many of these kids endure.