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Heartbeat – Compassion Ministry

This project will focus on prevention of human trafficking in vulnerable countries in GP-Asia field through awareness raising at the community level challenging and mobilizing the Wesleyan Churches to take the lead in this preventive effort. Workshops will be done to equip pastors, lay leaders, women and youth with knowledge and skills so that they are able to present clearly the facts and realities of human trafficking to vulnerable families in their villages, so that these families are able and empowered to say “No” to would be predators. This project is also linked to the Dress a Girl ministry where Church people are making dresses to give at least one decent dress to a girl who is vulnerable to trafficking to add an extra protection from the would be trafficker. Dresses are given to vulnerable families as a gift and a tool to open up conversations about human trafficking or share the Gospel if given an opportunity.

The supporting churches in N.A. are likewise being challenged to come and partner with us in facilitating the workshops in these countries thus increasing the awareness of the issues of human trafficking both locally and globally. Partner churches are given the privileges to pray, make dresses or contribute materials, give financially or even go to Asia field during workshops to be involved personally in preventing more girls, boys and women from being sold into slavery.