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Kathmandu Church & Leadership Training Center — Nepal

Since 2004, The Wesleyan Church of Nepal has experienced explosive growth, expanding from one church in Kathmandu to over 50 churches spread throughout the country. This growth has been propelled by the JESUS film and the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.

In response to the rapid growth, and in order to sustain the movement’s momentum into the the future, the Church would like to build the Kathmandu Church and Leadership Training Center. This center will be key to future development of The Wesleyan Church in Nepal as it will serve as a worship space for the central church, a training center for new pastors, and leadership headquarters to the Nepal Wesleyan Church.

As of October 2019, over $340,000 has been received for this project, which has enabled the church to purchase the land (phase 1 of the project).

Phase 2 of the project, actually building the Kathmandu center, is estimated to cost close to $195,000. With the money currently on hand for this project, approximately $115,000 of additional donations are needed in order to complete this project.