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Kathmandu Church & Leadership Training Center — Nepal

Since 2004, the church of Nepal has been multiplying, expanding from one church in Kathmandu to over 20 churches spread throughout the country. This growth has been propelled by the JESUS film and the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.

In response to the rapid growth, and in order to sustain the movement’s momentum into the future, the church is seeking to acquire land and build the Kathmandu Church and Leadership Training Center. The building will serve as a worship space for the central church, a training center for new pastors, and leadership headquarters for The Wesleyan Church.

The nationally led Nepali Wesleyan Church considers this property need the essential next step for building a healthy church network throughout the country, and they are contributing significantly and sacrificially toward this project. However, with soaring land costs in the Kathmandu Valley, external resources are necessary to secure a presence in this strategic city that influences the rest of the country.

Phase 1 ($204,500) of this project partners with the Nepali church to acquire land in the strategic Kathmandu Valley, which is the nerve center for the country. Phase 2 ($136,500) partners with internal contributions to construct the Kathmandu Church and Leadership Training Center.