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M2M – Media to Movement — Czech Republic

The M2M (Czech Republic) project is inspired by the success of Media to Movement (www.mediatomovements.org) in North Africa and in eastern and southern Europe. The project connects Christian through social media and helps them to develop and use their online media presence to reach out and find seekers.

Here are some key realities:

99.5% of Czechs don’t know Jesus personally.


However, studies show that 2% of a population are considered spiritually seeking, but it would take a large amount of time and resources to physically find them.

Our plan it to use social media to find those 2% who are already spiritual seekers and invite them to discover Jesus and follow him, and to gather together in newly formed churches that multiply. We would love for this to develop into a church planting movement through making disciples among Czech people in the 14 regions of the Czech Republic.

Our mission team is joined by our local network of believer, and Majak, our Global Partners nonprofit organization, to see this project to fruition. We are excited about this project bringing believers across the country together to be a Kingdom Force to reach the unreached with the gospel that will change the Czech Republic for eternity.