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Retirement Fund for Haitian Wesleyan Pastors — Haiti

The National Board of Administration for the Wesleyan Church of Haiti has proposed a retirement fund for Wesleyan pastors in Haiti. This fund will permit a onetime payment to help secure a minimum of wellbeing for pastors when they retire, are diagnosed with an incurable disease, or become permanently disabled in some way. At this point, there is no provision in place for pastors to receive any kind of support even after many years of faithful service to the church. The government of Haiti, the local church, and the pastors’ families provide little safety net for many of these pastors as they age. While this plan is certainly not an equivalent to a lifelong pension, it is a huge step in the direction of practical support. While each pastor is expected to contribute personally, friends in the North American church are being asked to help subsidize these funds because of the under-resourced nature of the Haitian economy and as a result of the under-resourced local churches.

Each participating pastor will be responsible for contributing $500 USD to the retirement fund (from personal funds, from extended family, or from the local church).  The purpose of this project is to provide $500 per participant of matching funds.  The individual pastors may withdraw their funds at age 60 (the official retirement age in Haiti) or before in the case of a disease or disability.  In the event of death, the pastor’s beneficiary is authorized to withdraw the funds.  The goal is have 100 Wesleyan Pastor in Haiti to participate in the Retirement Fund.

Because the Retirement Fund is intended to be perpetual, once the initial sign up is complete, the project may need to be expanded to accommodate future Wesleyan pastors.