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Spain National Ministry Shares

Spain has a population of 47 million people of diverse cultures. The center for Wesleyan ministry in Spain is in the city of Alicante. NMS will be invested in 3 key areas to help equip the church to amplify the mission:

1) Pastor Training: There are currently 20 ministerial students preparing to serve. Funds are used to assist with the purchase of text and e-books. The funds are also used to assist with expenses for the training sessions.

2) Church Planting: The above ties into amplifying the vision for Spain church growth and beyond. TWC-Spain is currently ministering to Spaniards, people for various European countries, Africa and Latin America. The mission of the the Church in Spain is to multiply churches in Spain and them move beyond their boarder to Europe.

3) Community: The Church in Spain is actively assisting people with food distribution.