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Wesleyan Divine Radio (WDR) — Sierra Leone

This radio project will be piloted for a period of four years (2018 to 2022) in Makeni at the Wesleyan Conference Center. One of the buildings (container) at the center will be refurbished to accommodate the administrative building of the radio station. The mast (antenna) and other radio equipment will also be installed at the center. Eight core staff, including a station manager and four volunteers, will be recruited and paid for a period of four years. Thereafter, the radio station would have been strong enough to sustain itself through various services that it will provide. The church will collaborate with some meaningful partners to provide the following radio equipment—transmitters, microphones, rode broadcaster, tower mast, radio recorders, etc.—while the administrative and operational aspect will be spearheaded by the church. A nine-member board of trustees will be set up to oversee the operations of the radio station.

The radio will be run on a daily basis. For a start, the morning session will broadcast eight hours and the afternoon eight hours, making a total of 16 hours daily. The church in collaboration with the International Media Commission (IMC) will organize capacity building trainings in programming and management to equip radio staff with modern techniques in radio technology. The Wesleyan Church currently has 165 educational institutions, 190 churches, and over two hundred pastors spread within seven districts.

The radio can easily be used to disseminate information to most of these institutions with relative ease and at very minimal cost. Secondly, The Wesleyan Church firmly believes that the establishment of a radio station in Makeni will undoubtedly provide better opportunities for the spread of the gospel and the growth of churches in these districts and beyond. Our churches will be better serviced with the Word of God from notable Wesleyan and non-Wesleyan preachers, thus providing an avenue for effective evangelism.

The radio will also cover critical social and moral issues, such as gender based violence (GBV), female genital mutilation (FGM), child abuse, human trafficking, and other social ills. With Wesleyan ownership of over 120 schools and health facilities, the radio will help disseminate vital information useful for improving these institutions.

Our vibrant youth in the churches will be quite motivated to produce better gospel music when provided with a platform where their performance is aired, listened to, and assessed.