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Wesleyan Primary School — South Asia

The Global Partners vision in South Asia is to have a multiplying church blessing every village.

One way to advance this vision is to expand the already existing preschool by starting a primary school.

In Phase 1 of this project, we will purchase 1.5 acres of property, and in Phase 2, we will complete construction.

This project is in line with the five values of Global Partners.

LIVES WILL BE TRANSFORMED by providing quality education to children, demonstrating Christ’s love to them and their families and being purposeful in representing Christ to those who do not know Christ yet.

WORKING RELATIONSHIPS will be built with students and their families as we are mindful that we are seeking Kingdom results within those relationships.

A TEAM WILL GROW as the school provides a platform for Global Partners to send volunteers to the school as well as partnerships that can take place between the believers in village and the school.

The primary school will provide a means of EXPANDING STRATEGIES as we will be able to reach further into the community to serve and love people.

The primary school would ADVANCE THE CHURCH by the redemptive relationships that will be built.  Everyone who hears can be made new and the  Wesleyan Primary School would greatly increase the number of people who will have the opportunity to hear.