How to Celebrate, Pray, and Help

You may wonder how you can celebrate, pray, and help Global Marketplace Multipliers (GMM). Here are three of each…

3 Things GMM is Celebrating:

  1. We are seeing wonderful and welcoming connections from our GP Missionaries with new GMMs. So great to see that!
  2. Many are increasing their engagement globally that have had little connection in the past. Our vision from the outset was for more to get engaged because of GMM and that is happening.
  3. We have seen significant favor for all our GMMs in their places of work. All our GMMs have had significant success or promotions in the last year, and that favor among peers and in the marketplace is a critical part of credibility and sustainability for GMMs.

3 Things You Can Pray For:

  1. For continued favor and deepening relationships in the workplace for our GMMs. This is usually their primary platform for relationship and influence.
  2. For continued connection and learning from the non-north American Wesleyans who are sending via the marketplace so much. The “rest of the Christian world” has been doing this longer and more intentionally than us, and we have much to learn from them.
  3. For more awareness and activation of potential GMMs in North America who have marketable skills in the global economy. Pray that the word gets out and many move for those who need access to the good news of Jesus Christ!

3 Ways You Can Help:

  1. You can help make introductions to intentional Christian expats that you already know that we should learn from (and want more of) — think of someone you know that lives overseas for their work and you know they live a vibrant Christian life there. Introduce us!
  2. You can help by emailing us with contact information of potential GMMs who have been committed to PRAY and GIVE but might also be willing to GO! If someone may have marketable skills in the global economy, and they want to be intentional for Jesus abroad, we want to know them!
  3. You can help by volunteering for GMM leaders by taking up tasks for our low cost/low overhead GMM network. This includes everything from communication and recruiting, to coordinating meetings and leadership of prayer, to even taking a short-term trip abroad to raise awareness and vision and get involved directly!

You can help with all the above by emailing