Equipping global pastors to multiply disciples and churches.


Special initiatives that advance the Church around the world.

Project Country Giving Need
African Wesleyan University (Initial Registration Costs) Africa
Central Asia Boarding (Nune People) Nune People
Majak Capital Repairs (Basketball Court & Fencing) — Czech Republic Czech Republic
Mexico Northwest District National Ministry Shares Mexico
Missionaries and Pastors Training Center — Myanmar Myanmar
East Asia Kingdom Business — CrossFit Gym East Asia
Kenya National Ministry Shares Kenya
Church Plant — Podebrady, Czech Republic Czech Republic
Pioneer Field Start-Up Fund — Kosovo Kosovo
Egypt Medical Plan Egypt
Medical Sending Partners Development — East Asia East Asia
eSwatini (Swaziland) National Ministry Shares eSwatini
Equatorial Guinea National Ministry Shares Equatorial Guinea
Uganda National Ministry Shares Uganda
Spain National Ministry Shares Spain
Burkina Faso National Ministry Shares Burkina Faso
Bangladesh National Ministry Shares Bangladesh
East Asia National Ministry Shares East Asia
Poland National Ministry Shares Poland
National Ministry Shares — India (WMCEI) India
Ghana National Ministry Shares Ghana
Egypt National Ministry Shares Egypt
Cameroon National Ministry Shares Cameroon
Sierra Leone Medical National Ministry Shares Sierra Leone
El Salvador National Ministry Shares El Salvador
Ecuador National Ministry Shares Ecuador
Democratic Republic of Congo National Ministry Shares Democratic Republic of Congo
Cuba National Ministry Shares Cuba
Venezuela National Ministry Shares Venezuela
Dominican Republic National Ministry Shares Dominican Republic
Haiti-La Gonave National Ministry Shares Haiti
Zambia National Ministry Shares Zambia
Suriname National Ministry Shares Suriname
Sri Lanka National Ministry Shares Sri Lanka
Southern Africa National Ministry Shares Southern Africa
Sierra Leone National Ministry Shares Sierra Leone
Philippines National Ministry Shares Philippines
Peru National Ministry Shares Peru
Papua New Guinea National Ministry Shares Papua New Guinea
Panama National Ministry Shares Panama
Pakistan National Ministry Shares Pakistan
Nicaragua National Ministry Shares Nicaragua
Nepal National Ministry Shares Nepal
Myanmar National Ministry Shares Myanmar
Mozambique National Ministry Shares Mozambique
Mongolia National Ministry Shares Mongolia
Mexico National Ministry Shares Mexico
Liberia National Ministry Shares Liberia
Japan National Ministry Shares Japan
Indonesia National Ministry Shares Indonesia
National Ministry Shares — India (Chhattisgarh – MPAC) India
Honduras National Ministry Shares Honduras
Haiti National Ministry Shares Haiti
Guyana National Ministry Shares Guyana
Czech National Ministry Shares Czech Republic
Costa Rica National Ministry Shares Costa Rica
Colombia National Ministry Shares Colombia
Cambodia National Ministry Shares Cambodia
Brazil National Ministry Shares Brazil
Bougainville National Ministry Shares Bougainville
The GP Manga Project — Japan Japan
Noah’s Ark Orphanage — Uganda Uganda
Start-up Fund — Stanley Haiti
Wesleyan Church Bangladesh Regional Center Bangladesh
Trevecca Physician Assistant (PA) Students
Medical Clinics – Uganda Uganda
Farming Program – Uganda Uganda
Evangelism Project – Uganda Uganda
Prayer Engagement Project General
Wesleyan Divine Radio (WDR) — Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Mission to The Gambia Sierra Leone
Xai Xai Bible College Roof (Mozambique) Mozambique
Li Lavois Church & School Partnership — Haiti Haiti
The Fortress Ministry — eSwatini eSwatini
Reach for Life — eSwatini eSwatini
Nsawam Church Building Fund – Ghana Ghana
Rebuilding Haiti Haiti
Karis Compassion Ministries Karis People
Gospel Cafe — Japan Japan
Retirement Fund for Haitian Wesleyan Pastors — Haiti Haiti
Zimba Mission Hospital Replacement Batteries for Solar Electrical System – Zambia Zambia
Campus Development for Wesleyan Bible College – Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
Motorcycles for Multiplication — Nepal Nepal
The Rock Family Center – Ecuador Ecuador
Dearborn Project United States
Zimba Mission Hospital: Maternal Child Health, Nutrition, and Anti-Retroviral Therapy Departments Building Project Zambia
Wesleyan Primary School — South Asia South Asia
Youth Mobilization Project Mobilization
European Area Church Planting Fund
Ibero-America Established Regional Conference Start-Up Fund Ibero-America Area
Babaco Community Development – Haiti Haiti
Mongolia Enterprise Fund Mongolia
Mongolia Church Planting Fund Mongolia
Mozambique Outreach to Malawi Mozambique
Haitian Missionaries to Other French Nations Haiti
Community Health Evangelism Program Expansion — Cambodia Cambodia
Oral Curriculum for Generations of Asian Disciple-Makers — Cambodia Cambodia
Badr City Church/Conference Center — Egypt Egypt
Delice Station and Farm Development — Haiti Haiti
Haiti Build & Bridge Haiti
Amplified Leaders Amplified Leaders
Bible School Operations Fund — Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Ortlip Ministry Center — Haitia Haiti
Uganda: Chickens for Poverty Alleviation Uganda
ACT NOW NEPAL Village Church Construction Nepal
Refugee Relief Fund Europe Immigrant Ministry
Mumbai India Church Plants (Khamote and Rhalyant) India
College on Wheels (COW) — Mozambique Mozambique
Medical Missions Sending – East Asia East Asia
Pastor & Member Medical Fund — Cambodia Cambodia
Lusaka District Church Planting Program — Zambia Zambia
Russian Leadership Development Russia
Nicaraguan School Scholarships Nicaragua
TOOL Scholarships Amplified Leaders
KCC Nagpur Campus — India India
Ibero-America Women’s Conferences Ibero-America Area
Ugandan Training Scholarships Uganda
Asia-Pacific Area Director Ministry Asia-Pacific Area
GPHN Medical Training of Nationals Global Partners Health Network (GPHN)
GPHN Indigent Fund – Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Cite Soleil Church & School Lunch Program — Haiti Haiti
National Youth Consultant — New Zealand New Zealand
PAL Educational & Mentoring Initiative — Guyana Guyana
Global Leadership Catalyst Amplified Leaders
Brno Wesleyan Church — Czech Republic Czech Republic
Wesleyan University of Haiti: College of Nursing Studies Haiti
Turkic-Arabic Area Office Administration Turkic-Arabic Area
Ministry to Missionary Kids Missionary Kids
GPHN General Global Partners Health Network (GPHN)
Family Helper Program — Haiti Haiti
Ministry Motorbikes Ghana
Family Camp — Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Heartbeat – Compassion Ministry Asia-Pacific Area
Wesleyan Bible Training School — Nepal Nepal
Zimba Hospital Chaplain Program — Zambia Zambia
Joseph’s Feeding Program — Haiti Haiti
Creole Health Book Project — Haiti Haiti
Community Health Evangelism (CHE)
Fish for Hope — Mozambique Mozambique
Albania Child Care Center Albania
Papua New Guinea Bible School Support Papua New Guinea
Widows and Orphans Outreach — Haiti Haiti
Fauche Ministry Center Improvements — Haiti Haiti
Equip-Haiti Haiti
Orphan Intervention and Foster Care – East Asia East Asia
Zimbabwe Church Plant Zimbabwe
Nicaragua Church Planting Nicaragua
Nicaragua Compassion Ministries and Community Development Nicaragua
Kathmandu Church & Leadership Training Center — Nepal Nepal
Agricultural Training Program — Haiti Haiti
Rebuilding of Mexico City Church Mexico
Karis Church Planting Ministry Fund Karis People
Nampula Church Planting — Mozambique Mozambique
Zambia Medical Ministries Zambia
Mexico Bible School Scholarships Mexico
Xai Xai Bible College Scholarships (Mozambique) Mozambique
GPHN Doctor for Kamakwie Hospital — Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Bougainville Ministry Bougainville
Audio Scriptures — Mozambique Mozambique
Family Practice Resident Doctor Training Program – East Asia East Asia
Orphanage Outreach Fund – East Asia East Asia
Split Ministry Center — Croatia Croatia
Eastern Europe Community Project — Europe Eastern Europe
Ministerial Scholarships — Brazil Brazil
Ministerial Scholarships – Haiti Haiti
Missionary Care and Renewal Missionary Wellness
Wesleyan Bible Institute – Colombia Student Scholarships Colombia
La Gonave and Fauche Hospital Medical Fund — Haiti Haiti
Liberia Bible College Scholarships Liberia
Scholarships for Converted Muslim Children — Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
The Rebecca Wilson Home (Bangladesh Girls Orphanage) Bangladesh
Latino Missionary Training Ibero-America Area
Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College (EWBC) Scholarship Fund — eSwatini eSwatini
Pilgrim Wesleyan Bible College Scholarships — Zambia Zambia
Theological College of Central Africa Scholarships for Zambia Zambia
JESUS Film Partnership JESUS Film Partnership
New Church Plants in Indonesia Indonesia
Scholarships for District Students at Magelang Theological College in Indonesia Indonesia
La Gonave Hospital Renovation — Haiti Haiti
Countryside Clinics in East Asia East Asia

Retired pastors, middle-aged doctors, young professionals. We are never too old nor too young to join Christ in his pursuit of people’s hearts.