As a Christ-follower, you have a growing sense of your calling to share the hope of Jesus —

but when it comes to reaching the world, it can feel overwhelming.

You’re on board with the mission, but always find yourself asking —

How? What can I do?

We want to help.



By joining Team Amplify,
you can help share hope with unreached people
by clearing away the financial hurdles missionaries face. 

Here’s what we do, together.

Identify the BEST mission opportunities.


From the very beginning, Global Partners has been focused on people and places of great need. We’re committed to working together with people just like you to bring Good News to hard places. We can’t do everything, so we develop partnerships with the global Wesleyan movement to see a transforming presence take root among the Unreached.  

Learn about cultures and context.


We train our missionaries to listen and learn. This posture of humility builds empathy toward people who are different than us. We are inviting you to grow and learn along with us. As you hear the stories of transformation, you will be inspired by how God is moving and more equipped to connect with those around you. 

Send missionaries – who go faster and stay longer.


We believe the best way to communicate God’s love is person to person. Making disciples who multiply takes time and sustained effort. Long-term impact is fueled by a team of people just like you who serve as senders. Your investment goes directly to our teams on the ground who are leading people to Christ and equipping them to plant churches. 

For over 130 years, Global Partners has been helping people like you share the gospel by sending missionaries to every corner of the Globe. We use our decades of on the ground “lessons learned” in more than 90 countries to guide us, as we continue to study and honor cultures and peoples as we share the Good News. Your calling and role in making disciples around the world matters to us.

It always has.

Why join the team?

Listen to what a few MVP’s have to say

I love reaching out to friends from many different countries in my local community, but through our prayers and financial investment in Global Partners, I know we are making an impact around the world as well. It’s encouraging to hear how our investments of time and money have brought others to Christ in unreached places.

Kathy Drury

Financial Partner

As a pastor with a deep desire to see the nations reached, I want our church to make a difference way beyond our local setting. Global Partners is a trusted mission partner, and we know that the financial investment that we make will make a long-term difference globally. I strongly encourage you to partner with them in this vital kingdom work.

Chad McCallum

Pastor, Hayward Wesleyan Church

The NEXT internship with Global Partners gave me deep insight into God’s love for the widow, orphan, and foreigner. I now work in an immigration office that seeks to bring justice and assistance to foreigners inside the U.S.! I am so grateful for Global Partners and their commitment to walk intentionally with the Lord to send out and equip disciple makers to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Emily Haverkamp

Former NEXT Intern

Our church has a huge passion to reach the world. Through Global Partners, we have been able to develop deep connections with missionaries and the people and places where they are serving. Many people in our congregation have used their gifts and skills to reach the unreached. 

Robin Schara

Former Pastor of Global Missions, Eastern Hills Church

Are you ready to join the team?


Team Amplify is for you if you’re ready to…


You will help send missionaries faster who can stay longer.


You will KNOW you’re someone reaching the lost and hear stories about how their lives are being changed.


You will meet and know real people in the global church who are also making disciples around the world.


You will feel deep joy and fulfillment that comes from participating in the Great Commission.

More questions?

We’re here to cheer you on — drop us a note, we’d love to talk with you!

Team Amplify Church Lead

Mike Morgan