COVID-19 Global Response: The Fruit of Your Generosity 

In 2020, we entered a crisis unlike any our generation has ever faced. The COVID-19 global pandemic has cost millions their health, and it has cost countless their livelihood. In March, we started receiving reports of the devastating impacts of COVID-19 in communities The Wesleyan Church serves. The reality was bleak, and the needs were great.

Together, as a Global Church, we’ve given $307,881 to sustain the mission and meet critical needs of those impacted by COVID-19. This has been in addition to your ongoing generous support of missionaries serving all around the world. Praise God!

Even during a difficult time, you gave to help support the Global Wesleyan network.

We’ve heard from many churches who received direct support from your generosity and want to echo their THANK YOU, above and beyond!

We’re so grateful to share how your support is continually making an impact globally in these most recent weeks too.

Sri Lanka

It is with gratitude and appreciation I write on behalf of the Wesleyan Church in Sri Lanka.  You have stood with us in many ways over the years and have walked this journey of sharing the love of Christ to people who do not know Christ. Since the easing of Lock-down and curfew we have been meeting as a church with some limitations. Guess what, in all of our churches we are experiencing a higher percentage in average attendance every Sunday. The people seem to care more for the work of the Lord and are giving sacrificially. We see an increase in involvement in church activities and a greater thirst for prayer, fellowship, and service to the Lord. A few young people personally met with me and expressed that they are sensing a move in their hearts by the Holy Spirit towards something more for God in their hearts. It looks like in the midst of great discouragement, economic gloom, and fear of the uncertain future, people who turn to God are facing COVID-19 and its repercussions with a difference. Perhaps this is happening in the church world over. God is at work; God is certainly on the move refining those who already call themselves Christians.   


“Thank you very much for your prayers and help. We are able to meet believer’s needs. In the Mumbai field, around 50+ families were reached. Some of our area where our people are living is sealed because of Covid19, but God is doing marvelous things in Mumbai Wesleyan Church. We are very thankful to you and praying for Global Partners. Once again thank you so much for your support. And continue pray for Mumbai ministry. 


“I would like to sincerely thank you for the donations made in this time of need due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I thank the merciful God who has placed in your hearts and likewise He with his infinite goodness will know how to compensate in your lives for that gesture of obedience.”

Sierra Leone

Makeni District pastors receiving the rice which GP supported the WCSL during COVID-19 in April 2020.


“I was in need of money to fix my Tuk Tuk (auto rickshaw) and when our pastor checked on me, I expressed my need and wait upon the Lord. The pastor encouraged me to pray and God will sure provide. After a couple of weeks, the pastor came and handed me an envelope saying God has provided for your need. I opened it and found 500 LE. This was the sum of money I actually needed. Thanks to God for supplying my need in just the right time. I am grateful to the kind people God used to meet my need. God cares for me, to Him be all the glory”.

“I was too upset because of the curfew hours where we had to close our shops at 5 pm every day. And as a barber, my real working hours started at 4 pm, and this caused a big shortage in our income. Moreover, I have a son with a brain disease and we are doing his follow up in the big hospital in Cairo. The same week when the curfew started, he did not feel well and I had to visit the doctor in Asyut to do some analysis. I did not have the money needed for this and I was praying and asking God for it. To my amazement, our pastor came and visited us with brother Essam, and gave me an envelope with 400 LE inside. This was really a relief for me. Thanks to God, I was able to go to Asyut and did the needed analysis for my son. Thanks again to God, my son did not have severe complications, but the doctor prescribed a cheap medicine, and over time he felt better. Praise God and thanks to all the brothers who blessed us in this hard time.”

“I work in a child care center (nursery) and I liked my job as I can do something useful outdoors, and teach kids in different ways. I take 400 LE as a salary and I thank God for them, as a stepping stone till I have a better job with a higher salary. This went on till the covid-19 crisis began and we had to shut down the nursery. This was really bad news for me as even this sum of money will not be available. It was a kind of support to our home expenses and needs. In this same week, the pastor came and handed me an envelope telling me that God sent it to me. At first, I did not believe it, and was a bit reluctant to take it, but then I took it and opening it, there were 500 LE. This was not just my salary but even more. How wonderful God is, who provides for our needs and moves good people to take a step and do good to us”.

“I have five children in different education grades. During this pandemic, our needs became a burden on my shoulder, and there were little finances for us to do with. God to Him be all glory provided this sum of money for us. When the Pastor gave it to me, I was so happy feeling God never forgets His children, but in the exact time he satisfies all our needs. Praise to God and all leading this ministry.”

“A few weeks ago, I felt a severe pain in my arm and the left side of my face. I needed to visit the doctor, but I had not enough money for the visit, the X-rays or analysis. A couple of days later, the Pastor came to visit me and when he found I was too sick, he prayed with me for healing, and leaving the house he handed me an envelope with 500 LE. I thanked God so much and was able then to visit the doctor and do the needed analysis. I bought the prescribed medications and praise God, He stood by me and healed me completely and I lacked nothing. I am so grateful for my brothers and sisters who provided this amount of money, may God bless them richly.”


“Thank you so much for your care and concern for the church members who are facing challenges to manage their daily needs. We are thanking the Lord for your heart towards the people who are suffering for food.”


“We used $2,500 to feed 300 persons in Nigeria. $500 will be sent to Chad. As you can see from the photos close to 800 persons came to be fed.”



7 homes opened their doors during the pandemic to be small worship groups. With the help of partners, for approximately two months we have delivered 600 to 700 breakfasts (arepas) to the most vulnerable communities.” 






“We appreciate your financial support. Your donation of $9,000.00 for Covid-19 relief enabled us to buy 120 thermometers and send them through daily carrier/airmail to the provinces where our churches are located to meet government regulations. Each church is currently finalizing other materials like hand washing buckets and disinfecting mats and pumps to present to the Religious affairs to obtain certificates that permit the church to reopen. 

Through your donations most of our churches were able to meet government regulations and have reopened their church services. However, we ask your prayers as some are waiting for Religious affairs inspection to reopen. Once more, thanks for your financial support. 


The Project Implementation Unit was quick and efficient in handling the purchase and distribution of a 25kg bag of rice and a gallon of vegetable oil to each recipient. 


On the behalf of Nepal Wesleyan National church, I would like to say thank you for your kind prayer support as well as finical support In COVID 19. It was become great help for our churches as well other. I fill your heart is like Jesus heart and it is delight full in the sight of God. Glory to God and please pray for Nepal Wesleyan church.” 



“We gave the funds equally to the 43 local churches and some of the quarantine center. We gave out to the needy persons who are living in the poorer parts of the villages and they received it with much joy. Thanks for your kindness and generosity.”


“Hello, I am very grateful to my family and my brothers of the American faith. Thank you very much for your financial help during this difficult time. Thank you Lord and God. May the eternal Lord bless you all always. I will always be with you in my prayers.”

“Hello everyone, The brothers of the American faith. Many many happy returns of the day. I have 5 children. My oldest daughter has moved out, 2 daughters are (college) students, and 2 Twin in 3rd grade. From our family to yours, we are so thankful for all of you. We are so happy to help during this time of financial difficulties for us. Thank you to all of you who have shown financial assistance to our ‘Eternal-water’ church in this difficult time of the world. Wishing you all a good health. May the brothers of American faith bless you eternal Lord.”

“Hello. Thank you so much to the American brothers and sisters for helping our congregation and our family. Thank God. I haven’t been able to work. Thank you from my family.”

“Thank you for sending us help! My baby is 11 months old today. It was on this day that your blessing came … my family is very happy.”